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Open letter to our president, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa:

22 April 2020

Dear Mr President

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Thank you for your firm and decisive leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. The way I see your role Mr President and that of Government, is as follows:

  1. Government intervention can at most create only temporary employment. Government has a very limited ability to create long term sustainable jobs.
  2. Entrepreneurs create and grow businesses which in turn create long term and sustainable jobs and which creates wealth and alleviates poverty.
  3. You Mr President and government will make a huge contribution to entrepreneurship, job creation and poverty alleviation, if you do your part by:
    • Stamping out corruption and maladministration so that resources are used efficiently for the benefit of all South Africans and not the select few,
    • Managing government activities, and in particular the State Enterprises, in a responsible and effective manner.
    • Creating and implementing policies which give all South Africans equal opportunity to participate in the economy in a fair and equitable manner.

Mr President, fully commit yourself and government to these principles, to this code of conduct, and South Africa will have a bright and prosperous future. That is all that is requested and expected of you!

Robert Jewell, Accounting for Entrepreneurs Inc.