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Issue 70

31st January 2020

Nutrition and its role in the success of the Entrepreneur

This is the second in our a4e Business Financial Mastery Educational Campaign series. Our special business expert on this is Matthew Ballenden from the Fresh Earth Group, a nutritional Chef with over 20 years’ experience in the Health and Food Trade. The Fresh Earth Gluten Free Bake House is the only independent gluten free factory in South Africa that is ISO22000 compliant. They are key suppliers to some of South Africa’s biggest retailers offering a wide range of gluten free products.  Matthew got into this business because he felt he wanted to impact on people’s lives, in terms of nutrition and the way they live.


Key questions to the Entrepreneurs in the a4e Business Financial Mastery Educational Campaign were:

  • “Do you live a healthy lifestyle with adequate amounts of healthy food, exercise and time out?” 84% said yes, they do.
  • “Do you live a balanced life with adequate amounts of work and play?” 75% said yes, they do.
  • “Do you continuously learn and motivate your team with continuous learning?” 95% of the Entrepreneurs said yes, they do.

If we look at the typical lifestyle of the Entrepreneur, somehow the truth seems that this doesn’t seem to be a reality. I asked Mathew for his views on this?

“Being an Entrepreneur myself, we are all quite obsessive-compulsive. I often compromised some of my personal rituals, the health side of it, for the sake of getting it right in the office, so I was burning myself out. I was lucky that in the very early days of my business I picked up on that and I changed my behaviour.  I also realised that what I was experiencing outside of me was a reflection of the inside of me. If I wasn’t calm and organised and balanced, I would bring that energy into the office and I wouldn’t be serving my staff (essentially my engine room) and that is when I implemented my regular nutritional and health rituals.”

The Entrepreneur is the captain of his ship and cannot increase performance without looking after himself!

Matthew’s purpose of his business was not just to accumulate copious amounts of wealth. “That is a by-product of my purpose and the Fresh Earth businesses’ primary purpose is to bring experiences into my life and people into my life that I can serve – and they can serve me on a much higher level. The fact that I make money out of it is an absolute bonus. My purpose is to have a much better relationship with the great Creator, and the great Creator knows that I use my businesses as tools to bring me closer to Him.”

When there are so many choices, Banting, Vegan etc. how can Entrepreneurs be really practical in terms of choosing what they eat and don’t eat?

Matthew believes that all that information that you need about the health of your body is inside of you already, so if you have quiet time and reconnect to your higher self, you can access that information.  In the meantime:

  • Eat very little or nothing out of a can
  • Keep it close to nature, stay away from boxed foods
  • Avoid highly refined foods, including processed meats and foods
  • There should be few ingredients on the box. Most are about preserving and stabilising and have no nutritional function whatsoever!
  • Make your food 80% plant based. Buy more vegetables and with eggs and meat find organic if you can
  • The food that we need to nourish ourselves with is natural, so if something has a 1 year shelf life, ask yourself “is this natural?”

Changing to healthier living means achieving so much more – of true value!

Entrepreneurs need to sometimes perform under severe stress so we need to look after our bodies, to feed our minds, to perform at a higher level! You don’t put the cheapest fuel into your fancy BMW and you know it needs to be regularly serviced. Similarly, you need the best nutritional fuel and to be innovative, creative and productive, and you need to service your mind with quiet meditation and your body with regular exercise.

Entrepreneurs can email Matthew at – or go to their website

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