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Issue 72
13th February 2020
Marketing and social media in the success of the Entrepreneur


We continue with our a4e Business Financial Mastery Educational Campaign with thanks to Magriet Groenewald, a leading Social Media marketing expert and thought leader. Magriet provides sought-after social media training programmes suitable for beginners and more advanced marketers, including social media agencies. She loves working with and empowering business owners and says to empower them she simply needs to show them how to showcase their business or products and services.









We posed three questions about marketing and social media to Entrepreneurs:

  1. “Have you formulated a clear marketing strategy and plan for your business including social media?” – 56% of the participants said “yes”
  2. “Have you clearly defined your target market and how to speak effectively to them?” – Surprisingly 75% of participants said “yes”
  3. Have you clearly defined your marketing goals with timelines?” – only 50% of participants said “yes”.

Why Social Media marketing?

Some of these stats seem a bit out of sync with what’s happening in reality, so we asked Magriet “Why is Social Media marketing, so important to business?”  “In short” she responded, “the old way of marketing isn’t relevant anymore.  Gone are the days where we read in a magazine about something and then you have to go to your phone or e-mail whatever the business name is – We have been kind of programmed just to ‘click!’

I also want to point out if you’re scared of social media, it’s not really about you, but about the person on the other side desperately needing your service. It is extremely important, not only for your business to grow and make money, but to understand you are solving people’s problems. Once you realise you are doing people a favour – then tell others about your product, share your knowledge, the advantages of your service etc.”

The essence of marketing hasn’t changed

“Social media is only the platform – so only the platform has changed.” Continued Magriet.  “We still need to understand that it is crucially important to have a target market, to know who your ideal client is. Social media is not going to market your product, it is just the platform, so you still need to understand marketing and those fundamentals.”

Great tips to get started

  • Ensure you know your audience and where they are prominently appearing, then make sure you are engaging on those platforms.
  • Make sure you’ve got an optimised Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn page complete with all the information and a good profile.
  • Update it by posting every now and then, not necessarily every day, but regularly. Whenever you post something, don’t just post a picture, have a proper caption. Find someone in your business with that extra fifteen minutes a day who can quickly update your profile, see if there’s messages, and respond back to them.

Consistency is credibility
If you go to a profile and the last picture was posted months ago, you might think the business has closed down, or maybe not doing well. Be consistent and have something that is possible for you. At least once a week you have got time to go through your social media, post some new stuff, make sure you’ve got reviews on your page etc.
Social media is the best place to build authority if you start to educate on the benefits of your product or your industry. The moment you start to share and people start to listen to your advice, or read your blogs, they start going to your page and see you as an authority in the industry. This builds trust and they start to engage with you.
You can find Magriet Groenewald on Social Media and her website is:


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