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About Us

Accounting for Entrepreneurs (a4e) is an accounting and business consulting organization that focuses on improving the bottom line of the businesses of our clients. Whilst many businesses and their advisors focus on growth, at a4e we help our clients to be more profitable: At month end there is more left over. This does not mean that growth is not pursued. On the contrary, the more profitable a business is, the better the business will be positioned to pursue huge growth opportunities and to adequately finance those opportunities.

Our success is measured not by what we have achieved, but by the contribution we have made to the success of our clients and their businesses. So give a4e a call today and let’s talk business: Your business goals and objectives and how we can help you achieve extreme business success and increase your net worth.

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So, let’s get started with how we can help you:

Relationships Matter

We value spending time interacting with our clients in order to build long lasting relationships with you. We are the ideal business accounting partners in your progress.


Knowledge Sharing

By continuously updating our business expertise across a range of industries we help your business to improve profits and create wealth.

Latest Technologies

We use Sage One and Xero cloud based technologies to help you run your business efficiently, thereby saving you time and money


Accountants You Can Talk To

We avoid technical accounting speak. We speak the language of business in our communications with you which is easy to understand.


Forward Thinking

By planning the work we do, you are kept firmly in the driving seat of the financial affairs of your business.

Quotes And Fixed Fees

So that you know exactly what services your business is getting and what you are paying so there are no nasty fee surprises.